Log not appearing#

There must be no errors that can't be cleared from Unity's Console window (WindowGeneralConsole, CtrlShiftC).
Take extra care ensuring that logs are not disabled using the toggles in the top right of the window.
console toggles

If your logs don't clear, you have compilation errors to resolve. If they are not resolved, changes to your scripts will not be compiled.

Keep in mind that the Collapse toggle can also hide new messages.


When logging it is important to place your log behind any error that can occur, as exceptions will halt execution.

Debug.Log("This will be printed to the Console.");
// <- Line that causes the error
Debug.Log("This will not be printed to the Console.");

See the Logging how-to for more information.


If logs are not being printed, the code may not be executing. To debug this properly you can learn to use the debugger, breakpoints, and step over code line by line here.