Post-processing: Render pipelines#

Both URP and HDRP have their own built-in post-processing stacks.


If you have a Post Process Layer component on your camera, or a Post Process Volume in your scene, you are using the wrong post-processing.

Replace the Post Processing V2 package#

  1. Remove the Post Process Layer and Post Process Volume components.
  2. Remove the Post Processing package from the Package Manager (WindowPackage Manager).
  3. Replace previous Post Process Volume components with the Volume component. (URP, HDRP)
  4. Create a new profiles through the Volume component's interface.

Enable post-processing#

  1. Enable post processing on the Camera.
  2. Enable post processing on the Renderer used by the active Render Pipeline Asset.
  3. Set the volume's mode to global if you intend to use it everywhere, otherwise add a trigger collider that the camera must be within.
  4. You should typically set the volume's weight to 1.
  5. Enable the toggle associated with an effect, then override and modify its parameters to ensure it is visible. Many effects require raised intensities to see them.