Shader Graph: Sprite Renderer setup#

If Shader Graphs are improperly configured, sprites won't update when the Sprite Renderer is changed, and the sprites may become clipped by the current settings.


  1. Sprite values should be set via the Sprite Renderer.
  2. Use a Sprite Shader Graph (Lit or Unlit) if it is available to you.
  3. Name the exposed color texture MainTex (the reference should be _MainTex).

    This includes capitalisation and spaces

    1. Select + on the Blackboard and then select Texture 2D.
    2. Drag the property into the editor window and attach its output to a Sample Texture 2D node.
    3. Attach the RGBA output to the Base Color input of the Fragment block.
    4. Attach the A output to the Alpha input of the Fragment block.