Light limits: URP#

URP has per-object and per-camera light limits.

Rendering Path Light limit per object Light limit per camera
Forward 4 for GLES2, 8 for all other graphics APIs. On mobile platforms: 32.
On OpenGL ES 3.0 and earlier: 16.
On other platforms: 256.
Forward+ unlimited
Deferred unlimited
Find these limits documented on the feature comparison page.


Switching render path#

Forward+ is generally the most flexible render pipeline, with high light limits and complex shader support.


If a project consists of many static lights, they should be baked. This requires lightmap UVs, and pre-processing time. This gives the benefit of high-quality lighting, even global illumination, with minimal processing impact.
See Lightmapping: Getting started for more information.

Dynamic lighting#

If you wish to use dynamic lights: reducing their range, substituting many specific lights for fewer more general ones, and lastly (at the cost of performance) increasing the Per-Object Limit setting in the pipeline asset can help towards a functioning lighting setup.