Invalid casts occur when an instance is converted to a type it does not match.


Type casting looks like this:

var end = (Type)start;

and is called a cast expression.

I am using a cast expression#

Understand the types involved in your expression. The object must inherit the type it's being casted to, or must have a user-defined conversion to that type.

I am using Instantiate#

If Instantiate is throwing the exception, then the original type of the object has been changed. Re-assign the object you are instancing in the Inspector to fix the type mismatch.

I am using a foreach#

If you are using a foreach with Transform then you must use the Transform type for the elements. No other type will work.

// 🔴 Incorrect, Example is not a Transform type.
foreach(Example item in transform)

// 🟢 Correct, the type used is Transform
foreach(Transform item in transform)

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