Animation Event receivers#

Animation Events are callbacks that fire during an animation's playback. These events require a component with the correct method signature to be attached to the GameObject with the Animator.


You can either add a receiver, or if the event isn't required or displays other warnings, remove it entirely.

Adding a valid receiver#

  1. Add a component to the GameObject with the Animator on it.
  2. Make a public method matching the name of the event. The method must not have a return value.
  3. The method's parameter must match the event. Animation Events can have float, int, string, Object, AnimationEvent, or no parameters.


Removing the Animation Event#

If the event is no longer required, it can be removed.

  1. Open the Animation window (WindowAnimation).
  2. Select the Animation Clip mentioned in the error.
  3. In the Event Line, select the Animation Event.
  4. Delete the event.

If the Animation window is showing a warning when your clip is selected:

  1. Select the model that the clip was created from in the project.
  2. Select the Animation tab and the clip mentioned in the error.
  3. Expand the Events dropdown.
  4. Select the event and delete it.