Android NDK not found#

Android NDK not found or invalid. Please, fix it in Edit / Unity -> Preferences -> External tools


If the NDK has not been installed#

  1. Navigate to the Unity Hub and install the Android SDK & NDK Tools module under Android Build Support.
    Make sure that the Unity version you install the module for is the version you are using.
  2. Navigate to EditPreferencesExternal ToolsAndroid in Unity and tick Android NDK Install with Unity.

If the NDK was already installed#

  1. Open Android Studio (install it if you do not have it).
  2. Select ⚙️ Configure from the bottom right of the welcome page.
  3. Select SDK Manager.
  4. Navigate to Appearance & BehaviourSystem SettingsAndroid SDKSDK Tools and tick the Show Package Details checkbox from the bottom right.
  5. Scroll down to NDK (Side by side) and install the latest version specified by the supported dependency version for your Unity version.
    If you are confused by the dependency version syntax, cross-reference it with the ndkVersion listed on this page.
  6. Navigate to EditPreferencesExternal ToolsAndroid in Unity and manually browse Android NDK Install with Unity to the installation directory for the NDK you installed (**ndk | version ** under your SDK install).

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