General IDE configuration#


The only1 3 IDEs you should be using are Visual Studio, JetBrains Rider, or Visual Studio Code.

visual studio Visual Studio#

Visual Studio Community is a free, feature rich IDE that can be easily installed during Unity's install process.
You can add it as a module through the Unity Hub or install it manually.

jetbrains rider JetBrains Rider#

Rider is a paid IDE (free for students, discounts for various groups).
It has advanced Unity integrations that are friendly and helpful for users of all skill levels.
While its Early Access Program is running you can also use it freely.

visual studio code Visual Studio Code#

VS Code is a free, lightweight version of Visual Studio, but has a longer, finicky setup.

Continue configuring a valid IDE.

  1. There may be alternatives if you know what you're doing and how to configure them properly. If you are a beginner this will not be the case and you should be using the options on this page.