Input System: Input handling#

InvalidOperationException: You are trying to read Input using the UnityEngine.Input class, but you have switched active Input handling to Input System package in Player Settings.

When you have switched the input handling from the built-in Input Manager to the new Input System there may be code that requires upgrading.


Check the stack trace and note whether it's thrown from UI or user code.

The error was thrown from uGUI#

If the code throwing this error is provided by Unity's UI you will need to replace the StandaloneInputModule with an InputSystemUIInputModule . This can be found on the Event System GameObject found in the scene, and there may be an upgrade button on the component.

If you do not have an Event System, create one via GameObjectUIEvent System, then upgrade it.

The error was thrown from user code#

If the code is thrown from user code, either:

Migrate your code to the new input system#

See migration from the old input system for information on how to upgrade your own code, or follow a tutorial like this one to learn how to use the Input System generally.


Revert to the old Input Manager#

If you switched to the new Input System and want to switch back to the old one:

  1. Switch the active input handler.
    1. Go to EditProject SettingsPlayerOther SettingsConfiguration.
    2. From Active Input Handling select Input Manager (Old).
  2. Remove the Input System package.
    1. Go to WindowPackage Manager.
    2. Go to the Packages: In Project view (the second toolbar menu).
    3. Select the Input System package.
    4. Remove the package via the button in the bottom right.