Lerp: Coroutines#

You can create coroutines that move between two values over a period of time by incrementing a timer, and normalising the value to 0->1 by dividing by the duration.


public void MoveTo(Vector3 destination)
    StartCoroutine(DoMoveTo(destination, duration));

IEnumerator DoMoveTo(Vector3 destination, float duration = 1)
    Vector3 origin = transform.position;
    float elapsedTime = 0;
    // Wait until the time has reached the target duration.
    while (elapsedTime < duration)
        // Increment our timer.
        elapsedTime += Time.deltaTime;
        // Normalise our timer, and use it to interpolate.
        transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(origin, destination, elapsedTime / duration);
        yield return null;
    // As similar loops may not fully reach the destination, it's always worth setting it after the loop.
    transform.position = destination;

Remember to use StopCoroutine if you're calling this function while it's already running.
Similar logic can be applied to all lerp variations, and is commonly used in tweening libraries.

The result is a linear movement from one value to another. If you want to add easing, either Evaluate your t value with an AnimationCurve (you can configure one via the inspector), or pass it through an easing function.

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