Light limits: HDRP#

HDRP's flexible light limits are not per-object, but are instead on-screen limits.
HDRP is a hybrid tile and cluster-based renderer, which means that lights are evaluated in a grid on-screen, the lighting limits may visually appear as a 2D grid due to the nature of this architecture.

Rendering Path Light limit per object Light limit per camera
Forward unlimited 63 per 8x8 pixel tile.
Deferred unlimited 63 per 16x16 pixel cluster.
Find these limits documented on the feature comparison page.



If a project consists of many static lights, they should be baked. This requires lightmap UVs, and pre-processing time. This gives the benefit of high-quality lighting, even global illumination, with minimal processing impact.
See Lightmapping: Getting started for more information.

Dynamic lighting#

If you wish to use dynamic lights: reducing their range, or substituting many specific lights for fewer more general ones, can help towards a functioning lighting setup.
If the light limit manifests as tile-based (a 2D grid) then lastly, increasing the maximum value of the relevant Lights setting of the pipeline asset at the cost of performance can fix the issue.

When working in a setting where performance isn't critical, enabling the Custom Frame Settings option on the rendering Camera, overriding and disabling Deferred Tile in the Light Loop Debug setting will override the limits at a large performance cost.