Partial transparency#

Different Material types have different ways of interpreting transparency.
Some materials may improperly handle specularity with transparent surfaces, others may not fade entirely.


Built-in Render Pipeline#

The Rendering Mode setting on the Standard shader will control the way transparency is handled. Make sure you understand the difference between the Transparent and Fade options.

Rendering Mode Usage
Opaque For solid objects.
Cutout For solid to transparent objects with no transitional areas. Alpha is either 1 or 0.
Transparent For transparent objects where transparent (even totally transparent) areas can be affected by lighting and reflections. This is typical of materials like plastic or glass, but not for fading out portions of a material completely.
Fade For transparent objects that fade completely to nothing. Useful for fading objects out completely, including fading lighting and reflections.

Render pipelines#

Disable preserve specular lighting if alpha is enabled.