Inverted normals#

Most materials in Unity will render single-sided. This is unlike the defaults of many modelling programs. The direction of model faces is determined by the winding order of the vertices that make up a triangle.


Research how to invert/flip normals in your modelling program. Additional key words to search for are face normals and backface culling.
Select the inverted faces and flip their normals.

Blender - Flip Normals

Flip normals in Blender

Backface Culling is single-sided rendering, enable it in your modelling program to see how a model will appear in Unity.

Blender - Backface Culling

Backface culling in Blender

If an object has partially flipped normals there may be a recalculate normals operation to unify the normal direction.

My model or material still appears inverted.