UV mapping#

Most commonly, the way materials map to surfaces is defined by a model's UV coordinates.
These coordinates are authored in a modelling program. This is often called "UV unwrapping".


Authoring your own UVs#

Author UVs for the model that appropriately tile the textures displayed on it.

Uv mapping is a common exercise, research for your modelling program should be easy. See Blender: UVs.

Triplanar mapping#

There are various techniques for mapping textures onto surfaces dynamically. One is called triplanar mapping, where UVs are created by blending three projections (X, Y, Z directions) based on the normal of the point in question. Shader Graph has a triplanar node which returns these projected UVs.

UV mapping is cheaper as it's baked into the geometry, but it doesn't respond to dynamic situations like object scaling, and requires manual authoring.