Only tests in embedded packages are automatically included by the Test Runner. Embedded packages are folders that are added directly into the Packages folder at the root of the project. This does not include local packages, which are referenced by path and live outside the project.


Most packages should not be embedded, instead adding them to your project involves a few steps:

  1. Open the Packagesmanifest.json file.
  2. Under any entries like "dependencies" and "scopedRegistries" add:
    "testables": ["com.company.package"]
    where com.company.package is the package name that contains your tests.
    Make sure the previous entry is correctly separated with a comma ,.
    If you already had a "testables" entry, add your package to it like:
    "testables": ["com.company.package", "com.company.other-package"]
  3. Close and reopen Unity for the change to be picked up.

See Adding tests to a package for more information.