TextMesh Pro: Padding to sampling point size#

If there isn't enough padding surrounding text then features will blur together when viewed at a distance due to the nature of TextMesh Pro's signed distance field font representation.


Adjust the padding on the Font Asset through the Update Atlas Texture button or the Font Atlas Creator.

Typically the ratio of padding to sampling point size should be 1:10. For example, a sampling point size of 90 would have a padding of 9. Adjust the padding as required. A larger atlas resolution may be needed to accomodate these changes.

If your Font Asset Creator supports specifying the padding with % over px, use 10% for a more consistent default value.


This ratio also affects the range of material properties like Outline and Underlay. Increasing the ratio will increase their size.


Do not increase the Atlas Resolution beyond 2048✕2048 when targeting mobile devices.