Input issues: UI Toolkit#

Input in UI Toolkit requires multiple things to receive input events.


Don't make assumptions. Double-checking these steps are met is always recommended.

1. Check for an Event System#

There must be an active EventSystem in the Scene. You can create one via GameObjectUIEvent System.

2. Check your element is pickable#

Interactable elements must have Picking Mode set to Position.

3. Check for overlapping elements#

There mustn't be other elements receiving the same events below in the hierarchy.
Visual Elements have Picking Mode enabled by default, this will block events. I advise setting it to Ignore for all non-blocking elements.

Troubleshooting overlaps#

To troubleshoot cases where other UI is blocking input, use the Event Debugger (WindowUI ToolkitEvent Debugger).


If the menu item is not present, enable the debugger in EditProject SettingsUI ToolkitEnable Event Debugger.

Make sure you have selected your target panel (not "GameView" if you're using runtime UI) in the top-left dropdown.

UI Toolkit Event Debugger

4. Check this other miscellaneous nonsense#

  • If you're using the Input System package, it is required to be version 1.1.0-pre.5 or above.