Unity Hub: Editor installation issues#

Make space on your primary drive#

You need space on your primary (C:) drive as the Unity Hub will cache downloads there during installations.

Modern versions of the Hub allow you to change these locations (Preferences ⚙️Installs), but space on the primary drive is still necessary for certain components.


Check that the Hub is not being blocked by antivirus/security programs, and attempt to whitelist the Hub.

Logging locations#

Check the logs, looking for setup issues close to the bottom of the output:

Operating system Unity Hub log location
Windows %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\UnityHub\logs
macOS ~/Library/Application support/UnityHub/logs
Linux ~/.config/UnityHub/logs
You can see this table in the documentation

You can also get to this location via the account dropdown in the top left of the Hub TroubleshootingOpen log folder.

Different installation locations#

Try installing into a different location using the settings (Preferences ⚙️InstallsInstalls Location).

If you are using macOS, you should check that the Unity Hub has write permissions in the Privacy and SecurityFiles and Folders preferences for the folder you are using (if present).


Don't launch the Hub with Administrator privileges as it may prompt you to avoid doing so. Proper configuration and application permissions should be applied normally.


  1. Restart your computer.
  2. When the Hub next opens, install any updates it may have.

Ask about it on the forums#

Check the pinned messages 📌, and search the Unity Hub forums for your issue, and then make a post there if you cannot find a resolution.

If you find an unlisted resolution please report an issue with this page so this page can be improved.