How to use Gizmos#

Gizmos are shapes associated with components, used for debugging and content setup in the Scene view.
By drawing in the Scene and Game view you can validate assumptions about your code.


Gizmos can only be drawn from two message functions provided by MonoBehaviour, OnDrawGizmos and OnDrawGizmosSelected. OnDrawGizmosSelected will run when the GameObject containing your component is selected.

You can also draw gizmos from a static callback decorated with the DrawGizmo attribute. This separates gizmo-drawing code from the runtime components and builds.

Gizmos are drawn for a single frame, and must be invoked continuously in the chosen callback function.

Color and rotation#

Unlike draw functions, gizmo functions don't take a color parameter and instead are driven by Gizmos.color. Most functions don't take arguments for rotation, and instead Gizmos.matrix must be used.


To display gizmos in the Scene or Game view, toggles for each must be enabled.

Scene view gizmo toggle

If your gizmo still isn't appearing, follow these steps.

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