Visual debugging#

Unity has many tools for debugging spacial problems, though each tool has its own benefits and drawbacks.


By drawing lines and shapes in the Scene and Game view you can validate assumptions about positions and directions used in code.

Debug Draw#

Unity's Debug.DrawRay and Debug.DrawLine are valuable tools for debugging 3D (and 2D) information. The API is simple to use, but is only capable of drawing basic lines.
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MonoBehaviour's OnDrawGizmos and OnDrawGizmosSelected callbacks allow the use of Gizmos and Handles APIs. The APIs support more complex shapes, but cannot be used outside of specific callbacks.
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Debugging physics issues#

Physics Debugger#

The Physics Debugger is a built-in tool window for visualising 3D physics shapes, collisions, and queries.
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Custom packages#

Vertx.Debugging and Raycast Visualization both have drop-in replacements for physics queries (casts, overlaps, hits, checks) that display their bounds and results.

Custom packages and assets#


Vertx.Debugging is a debugging package for drawing wireframe shapes.
It has drop-in replacements for physics queries (casts, overlaps, hits, checks), many extra shapes, and can draw labels in the scene.
It is designed for editor debugging and most functions will be stripped when built. Versions 3.0.0 and above support jobs.

Visualised shapes and casts from Vertx.Debugging

Raycast Visualization#

Raycast Visualization is a drop-in replacement for Physics queries (casts, overlaps, hits, checks).
It is designed for editor debugging and most functions will be stripped when built.


ALINE is a paid alternative that is intended to draw shapes in the editor and builds, and supports drawing from jobs.


Shapes is a paid alternative that is designed to draw good-looking lines for editor and builds.
The API is not designed to be used inline as others


Unity Physics#

If you are using Entities (ECS), Unity Physics (com.unity.physics) has PhysicsDebugDisplaySystem, which contains static helper methods for drawing wireframe shapes from jobs.


If you do not understand what Entities is, you should not use this package for debugging.

There is also the Physics Debug Display authoring component that has toggles for similar debugging to the Physics Debugger.

Comparison table#

Name 2D/3D Job System / Burst Platforms Call site Price Focus
Draw functions Both* No Editor Anywhere† Built-in
Gizmos Both* No Editor Gizmos callbacks Built-in
Handles Both* No Editor (strict) Gizmos and OnGUI callbacks Built-in
Physics Debugger 3D only No Editor Built-in Ease of use
Unity Physics Both* Yes Editor Entities Built-in Performance
Vertx.Debugging Both 3.0.0+ Editor Anywhere Free Ease of use,
Raycast Visualization Both No Editor Anywhere† Free Ease of use
ALINE Both* Yes Any Anywhere $30 Performance
Shapes Both No Any DrawShapes callback $100 Looks,
Ease of use
*No explicit 2D shapes.
†No Burst support.