Basic debugging#

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When you have an issue, there are some common steps that are often applicable to every problem. Internalising these and making sure they're covered when you encounter problems, will allow you to quickly solve issues alone.

Check the object setup is correct#

If you are using MonoBehaviours, there are some basics that should be checked:

  1. Make sure the component has been added to a GameObject in the scene.
  2. Search the scene to check for accidentally duplicated objects if they could interfere with your issue.

Check the code you have written is actually being run#

If you are writing code, make sure your code has compiled and is running.

  1. Check the Console window (WindowGeneralConsole, CtrlShiftC) for compiler errors.
  2. Check that you have actually saved your code.
  3. Do some debugging or logging to check the state is what you expect.

Inspect the problem#

There are powerful tools that will help you get a detailed look at problems. Learn them, as even cursory understanding of their output can produce valuable insights.

Visualise the problem#

Use drawing functions if the problem can be displayed physically. Compare the drawn results to what you expect, and look into any discrepancies.

Narrow down the problem#

Check whether the issue can be recreated in an empty scene, reduce the amount of variables to narrow down the issue. If the problem is fixed in another scene, try disabling objects in the main scene to narrow down the problem.

If you use source control, go back and find where the issue began, and compare what's changed. If you don't use source control, consider it! For issues manifesting over the course of a long period, Git has tools like Bisect to narrow down the problematic commit.

Check that the editor or project state are not the issue#

Sometimes, things the editor itself can break, or the data generated from importing assets or scripts can become invalidated or incorrect. You must be aware of it to avoid endlessly chasing non-existent problems.

  1. Restarting Unity may fix issues, it's a simple place to start.
  2. If the issue persists, try a project reimport (deleting the Library folder).

Consider updating Unity#

If you're experiencing issues that are unrelated to your work, like crashes, visual bugs, or editor issues, consider updating your project to the latest patch release for your Unity version.

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