UnityEvent dynamic values#

Certain UnityEvents pass parameters, often these are from UI components like a Scrollbar, Input Field, or Toggle.
UnityEvents that send values can do so dynamically or statically.
Static values are set in the inspector, and dynamic values are passed via code.


  1. Check that the target method takes the same parameter that the UnityEvent sends.
    Looking at the UnityEvent Inspector you can compare the parameter to your own.
    Unity shows these as the .NET Type, not the keyword. This means that it shows Single instead of float, Boolean instead of bool for example. Your code can use the standard keyword types.
    UnityEvent Parameters

  2. Choose the target method from the Dynamic section of the function list.
    Dynamic UnityEvent
    If you can select a value for the parameter you have not selected from the Dynamic section of the function list.
    If the method does not appear in the dynamic section, but appears in the static section, you have failed step 1.

The method doesn't appear in the functions list at all.